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Please read 2019 Cross Country SSR’s Version 2 dated 26 February carefully. There have been some amendments, most significantly in the SxS National Championship Category. Changes incorporate the amendments as per 2019 SACCS SSR’S MSA DOCUMENT 161672/134. All changes are in red Italic type.

Important bits to know:

Important bits to know:

  1. Loop 2 restart order:
    • Loop 2 will be restarted in provisional race order for the first bunch of competitors as follows:
      A loop 1 cut-off time into DSP will be published. All cars into DSP before the cut-off time will be scored and regrouped to start in race order (provisional)
      Start list will be published.
    • Competitors into DSP after the cut-off time will not be regrouped and will be started as normal in the order into DSP.
    • Parc Fermé remains as before.
  2. Outside assistance:
    • Outside assistance penalty is 5 hours, not exclusion. This does not mean service crews (official or un-official, family, friends) can rush onto the route to carry parts, tools and help. SSR’s 311, 318 A [viii] f), 318 A [xi] b), 318 A [xii], 318 C [i] a) remain very much in place.
  3. DNF in loop 1:
    • Competitors who DNF in loop 1 may rejoin the race in loop 2 with a 10 hour penalty. BUT, if, and only if the vehicle can be recovered safely with the prior written permission of the Clerk of the Course. Restart may only be from DSP at a CoC allocated start time.
  4. Exhausts:
    • Spark arrestors are compulsory in 2019 due to pressure from the land owners. No spark arrestor visible at the end of the exhaust, no start. The specified spark arrestors are imported and supplied by ATS. Please place your orders.
      The spark arrestors must be run as supplied with all the cones in place. This gives maximum spark and flame protection, minimum exhaust back pressure and lower noise levels, all of which is required.
  5. Class Side by Side:
    • Side by Side will be a National Class Championship in 2019. Congratulations Guys.
      It will allow competitors to run one of two technical regulations. SxS-MSA or SxS-FIA.
      The SxS-MSA regulations are a simplified version of the 2019 SxS Dakar regulations and verysimilar to the 2018 MSA SxS regulations. The 2019 SxS-MSA regs are just better defined than 2018, especially the safety aspects.
      The SxS-FIA regulations are technically quite similar, but more detailed. It has a mandatory 25 mm intake restrictor, and a regulated top speed of 130 km/h.
      Performance should therefore be very equal, and if not, there is a Balance of Performance regulation to even this out.
  6. Safety Notes:
    • fasten the seat belt shoulder straps (and all others) tight to protect your spine in the event of an accident, and to prevent the Hans device shoulder mount from dislodging and rendering the Hans useless when most needed.
    • make sure the Hans strap clips on the helmet are clean and free to click out to secure the strap in place. Straps not connected properly on the helmet renders the Hans useless.- make sure your seats are properly and firmly mounted, and not cracked. A loose or broken seat renders the seat belt, Hans and safety cage useless when needed most.
    • don’t dehydrate, especially in long hot races. The only real answer to dehydration is clean pure water, taken at regular intervals. Once dehydrated, you cannot recover by quickly downing 2 liters of water. It is a long process of recovery mouthful by mouthful. All the cells in the body has to be refilled one by one.
    • make sure your fire extinguishers are serviced, shaken to crack the powder, and properly fastened in the brackets.
    • make sure your RallySafe electrical harnesses are connected and tied down properly. Half-way in, or overtightened connectors will cause trouble. Cut, pinched, drilled, stretched, and over-tied-down harnesses will cause trouble. Antennas in the wrong position, not connected or badly connected, bent, broken, will cause trouble.


  1. SA Cross Country Series

    SACCS 2019 TDR 1000

    21 Jun - 23 Jun
  2. SACCS 2019 Bronkhorstspruit 400

    2 Aug - 3 Aug
  3. SA Cross Country Series

    SACCS 2019 Harrismith 400

    13 Sep - 14 Sep
  4. SA Cross Country Series

    SACCS 2019

    1 Nov - 2 Nov


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