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Road to Dakar 2018


    A.S.O., organizer of the Dakar Rally, organizes a challenge called the ‘ROAD TO DAKAR’, within the framework of the Toyota Kalahari Botswana 1000 Desert Race, taking place from the 22nd to the 24th of June 2018; ONE crew (in the CAR category) winning the Challenge, in accordance with the rules defined below, will be awarded a free participation in the Dakar 2019, taking place in South America in January 2019.


    The crews are eligible to participate in the ROAD TO DAKAR if:

    • The Driving crew (Car) hold a driving licence covering them for the category they want to enter.
    • They have never taken part in the Dakar.
    • None of the crew members (for the cars) has never been part of the seeded drivers listed by the FIA
    • The Driving Crew (Car) has never been part of the ASO Elite list.
    • The driver (Car) has never been declared winner of the ROAD TO DAKAR on the past.

    In order to participate, The crews will be required to:

    • Register the Toyota Kalahari Botswana 1000 Desert Race
    • Sign up in the ‘ROAD TO DAKAR’ category.

    Registration for the Challenge will close at the same time as the registration for the Rally. Late requests, before the start of the Toyota Kalahari Botswana 1000 Desert Race, could be subject to dispensation.

    Signing up for the ROAD TO DAKAR is free.

    By signing up for the ROAD TO DAKAR, the crew declares having familiarized itself with the conditions for participating in the Dakar 2019, and in particular its budget aspects.

    Signing up for the ROAD TO DAKAR constitutes ‘pre-registration’ for the Dakar 2019 and therefore a ‘moral obligation’ to A.S.O


    To be declared winner of the ROAD TO DAKAR, a crew will be required to:

    • Appear on the ROAD TO DAKAR enrolment list
    • Complete the Toyota Kalahari Botswana 1000 Desert Race
    • Be the best Challenge participant appearing in the General ranking for the event.
    • Come within the top 70% of the best crews in the Rally General ranking.
  5. PRIZE

    The winning crew will be awarded a free registration, valid only for the Dakar 2019.
    This registration includes:

    • Sports dues for the Driver, co-driver, and the race vehicle
    • Return sea transport of the race vehicle between Europe and South America.
    • Catering on the bivouacs
    • Insurance (public liability and repatriation)
    • Hire of the GPS/Sentinel, Iritrack and distress beacon

    Will still be under the responsibility of the crew:
    The race vehicle, assistance crew and vehicles registrations as well as related costs, travelling expenses, logistics overhead costs, the cost of accommodation and subsistence other than in the bivouacs, as well as any other expense not listed on point 5.


    The deadline to confirm the participation to Dakar 2019 is the 15th of July 2018.
    If the winning crew is unable to participate in the Dakar 2019 for a medical or other serious reason (proof required), he must warn the A.S.O. before the 1st of November 2018. An examination will be carried out by a sports doctor affiliated to an official sports organization designated by A.S.O.


    All The crews participating in the ‘ROAD TO DAKAR’ undertake to make themselves available to participate upon request in:

    • Any press conference during the Toyota Kalahari Botswana 1000 Desert Race
    • Any other media-related event prior to, during, and after the Rally (A.S.O. will pay expenses).

    All persons participating in the ROAD TO DAKAR and the Dakar are subject to obeying their rules, and acknowledges that by participating in the events, they authorizes the organizer (A.S.O.) and its legal agents to reproduce and represent, without any form of remuneration whatsoever, their names, voices, pictures, biography, and more generally their sporting participation in the context of the ROAD TO DAKAR and the Dakar, and likewise the brand(s) of their vehicle parts and vehicle manufacturers and sponsors, in any form, on any existing or future medium, in any format, for any publicity to the public worldwide, for any use, including for advertising and/or commercial purposes. This authorization is given for a period of 5 years from the day of the presentation of the winning driver.


    A.S.O. holds the exclusive rights to use the ‘Dakar’ branding.
    As winner of the ROAD TO DAKAR, the competitor will have the right to use the ‘ROAD TO DAKAR’ logo, undertaking to use it within the following conditions:

    • After the Sonora Rally and prior to the Dakar Rally:
      • On any submission to seek financial and/or institutional partners.
      • On any press presentation material featuring the competitor’s victory in the Rally.
      • The ‘ROAD TO DAKAR’ logo may not be used on any video medium
      • It may not at any time be associated directly or indirectly with any commercial or institutional branding.
      • It is strictly prohibited to sell or distribute products partly or wholly bearing the Dakar branding.
    • During the Dakar Rally:
      • On the driver’s apparel, helmet, race and assistance vehicles, at their own expense, and in accordance with a space defined in advance by A.S.O.
      • The ROAD TO DAKAR logo may not appear immediately adjacent to the logo of any company whose activity comes within the same sector as the partners of the operation and the Dakar event.

    To achieve its main goal: discover new talents, and maintain a sporting interest, A.S.O. will have the possibility to cancel the ROAD TO DAKAR if less than 5 competitors are registered at the closure of the entries in any category.
    In that case, competitors would be informed by the organiser before the start of the first selective section.



From 2019 One Event Licences must also be purchased through the online system, this can only be done once the event has been loaded onto the system....

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