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Protea Colours (otherwise known as National Colours) are the highest accolade that can be achieved in South African motorsport, and are associated with noteworthy performances by South African competitors against international competition.

Nominations in respect of Protea Colours shall only be considered once a year and shall take the following criteria into account:

  1. S.A. Sport Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) must have granted prior approval for any participation in an international event, whether such event is held locally or in a foreign country.
  2. In order to obtain the required approval mentioned above, a formal Application for Participation in an International Event (available on request from MSA) must have been submitted by the competitor to MSA at least 45 days prior to competing in the international event/s on which the colours application is based.
  3. Unless exceptional circumstances exist, Protea colours nominations shall only be considered for competitors who have:
    • Won a recognised South African National Championship title in the year under consideration, or the previous year (National Championship titles from two years or more earlier will generally not be taken into consideration unless other exceptional circumstances exist); and
    • Taken part in, and finished within the first 20% of the whole field that participates in an International event, series or championship recognised by CIK, FIA or FIM (including FIM Africa Championships) in the current year; or
    • Been selected by MSA, on merit, to form part of an official South African team participating in an international event recognised by MSA, CIK, FIA or FIM in the current year.
  4. Nominations in respect of colours must be made on the form prescribed by MSA and be accompanied by at least the supporting documentation listed below:
    • Race results clearly showing finishing position attained as well as the number of other competitors who participated;
    • Event regulations;
    • A copy of the nominee’s passport;
    • A copy of the starting permission issued by MSA to the nominee for the event/s concerned;
    • A copy of the nominee’s SA identity document or birth certificate.
  5. Colours nominations will be recommended by the relevant MSA Sporting Commission/Steering Committee (where such a body is in place) and submitted to the relevant MSA Sport Co Ordinator.
  6. It is important to note that no Protea Colours nominations will be accepted after the 15th October of a given year.
  7. The MSA Sport Co Ordinators will submit the nominations for consideration to MSA’s Management Committee (ManCom). Nominations approved by ManCom shall then be forwarded to SASCOC by the MSA Operations Manager for final approval.


Only the holder of a valid and current South African passport shall be eligible to be considered to receive national colours.

  • Only competitors who compete on an appropriate competition licence issued by MSA or, with MSA’s prior approval, by another national federation recognized by the FIA, CIK or FIM, shall be eligible to be considered to receive national colours.
  • Junior Protea Colours shall be awarded to competitors younger than 16 years old. A competitor who has previously received Junior Colours may be considered for the award of Senior Colours after they reach the age of 16, subject to him/her again complying with the
    stipulated criteria.
  • Competitors who receive Protea Colours (Junior or Senior) for the first time shall be invited to receive them at MSA’s National Awards function for the year in question. Competitors who have previously received Junior Colours and then are subsequently approved to receive Senior Colours shall receive their Senior Colours awards at the MSA regional awards function for the region in which the competitor resides.
  • Protea Colours (Junior or Senior) can only be awarded in the year in which the meritorious international participation took place.


  1. SA Cross Country Series

    SACCS 2019 TDR 1000

    21 Jun - 23 Jun
  2. SACCS 2019 Bronkhorstspruit 400

    2 Aug - 3 Aug
  3. SA Cross Country Series

    SACCS 2019 Harrismith 400

    13 Sep - 14 Sep
  4. SA Cross Country Series

    SACCS 2019

    1 Nov - 2 Nov


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