2020 MSA Cross Country Car Racing Standing Supplementary Regulations

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We are in the process of reviewing and updating the sporting and technical rules and regulations for the 2020 SACCS Cross Country Championship and would like to invite you to put forward written constructive suggestions or proposals that could benefit our sport for consideration and possible inclusion in the 2020 MSA Standing Supplementary Regulations.

Please submit via e-mail on or before 19 July 2019.

All suggestions and proposals will be evaluated on merit and put forward for consideration and implemented where applicable and practical.
Please e-mail suggestions/proposals to charmaine@saccs.co.za.


  1. TV: 2019-5 Lichtenburg 400

    3 Oct - 10 Oct
  2. Parys 400 (1-2 November 2019)

    Parys 400

    1 Nov - 2 Nov


Championship titles won, but podium battles go down to the wire in special vehicle category

The season started on a high note for Lance Trethewey/Adriaan Roets (LT Earthmovers BAT Venom) who took on the season after winning the final two rounds of the 2018 season and won the first three even...

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